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That time we (illegally) slept on the beach & woke up to this.
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feeling happy at the moment, and trying to pack to move back to school for the new semester. even though i was all apprehensive this afternoon, thinking I hadn’t had my fill of Guelph, like 3 weeks went by in a matter of seconds. But then i got a message from Lucas in Toronto, and it turned things around, making me get up and actually start packing, knowing that the days have already started getting longer and that Graeme is on his way back from Rio and Sydney chose her new puppy today—— and I got to thinking that it’s about the little things, and that it’s easy to get sad in the winter and forget about important things.

true—- this winter break brought some really strange moments. telling a story at my grandfather’s memorial to a room full of strangers. opening my front door and finding a boy on the porch with a confession. too many mornings waking up and wondering “what happened last night.” seeing my ex at a bar, and him smiling and pulling me to sit down and catch up. reading newspapers on the subway to work, acting like the grown-up I know I am not.

In the end, I decided that the more you think you know, the more humble it makes you because you then understand how little you really do know. and being a good friend and looking after them is more important than any of your own concerns, being smart is a million times sexier than being “attractive,” and that sometimes rolling with the punches is the best thing and only thing to do.

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